This system is available for you to send money to anybody and get cash from anybody nearby you using SMS. Our target is a young traveler who wants to get cash in where they are traveling from local people, and food trucks or retailers which don't have payment system such as Square.

There are three type of actors as follows: sender: Anyone can be a sender. They can register their credit card using a cell phone, send money to a receiver.

receiver: Anyone can be a receiver. After they get a SMS that a sender sent money to them, they can search a list of possible bankers. They can meet the banker after exchanging messages or calling directly. After the receiver receive cash from the banker, they can generate validation code and show it to the banker.

banker: Anyone can be a banker. When a banker make an account, they can store their location, so receivers can find bankers without any wifi, or 3G connection. After pass cash to receiver, the receiver will show the valid code. When banker type the code, the money from sender will be transfered to the account of the banker

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