As students it is imperative to learn from our courses. One of the many methods of learning is taking diligent notes in class. Unfortunately there are moments when we can't be the perfect student. Whether we catch a flu or miss a day of classes, none of that should stop us from getting the full benefits of our education.

What it does

We have utilized the collaboration of college campuses to provide a method for students to provide their class notes and to obtain notes for their studies.

How we built it

A simple LAMP stack based website that incorporates DropBox for sharing your notes and PayPal for paying your classmates. A simple integration of Amazon Simple Email Service(SES) allows the platform to avoid user registration and provides an easy integration of a email notification system and of course an amazing Ec2 server allows rapid prototyping and code collaboration.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with monetary exchanges is in itself a laborious task that involves an extensive list of responsibilities. In essence we wanted students to be rewarded for providing notes however due to the time constraints we have opted to make payment for services a voluntary option.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of incorporating a mixture of API's that all come together to make this product what it is.

What we learned

Payment Processing SUCKS.

What's next for PayNotes

A better reward system to encourage more students to take notes.

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