We feel that transferring money these days is a very tedious task. Thus, we thought why not simplify this process to making secure payments on the fly by just scanning the items we want to pay.

What it does

The app is quite simple, users just do the following steps to make a quick payment:

  1. Login/Register to the PayMyFace app.
  2. Tap the 'Pay' button on the main screen
  3. When the camera shows up, take a picture of either the person or the logo of the company you want to send money to.
  4. When a desired image is taken, our app will determine which person/company you want to send money to.
  5. When it has found a match, it will ask you to confirm that the person/company is the desired recipient.
  6. Now just enter the amount you would like to pay that person/company and press send.
  7. When the payment is successful, both the sender and the recipient will receive a text of confirmation on the time and amount transferred.
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