PaymentKit is a Super App on a mission to connect people and businesses by replacing clunky point-of-sale hardware.


  • 💳 Accept payments in-person
    Step out from behind the cash register and checkout customers right from your mobile device. Charge your customer's credit card by manually entering its details or let them scan a QR code to pay on their own device.

  • 👨‍💻 Sell online and on social networks
    Continue selling outside the store. Generate gorgeous payment links in a matter of seconds to quickly take orders via your social media channels. No website needed.

  • 🎁 Collect tips from happy customers
    Accepting tips is crucial to many business types such as cafes, bars and food trucks... PaymentKit has an optional tipping feature so your customers can select from the available tipping options or enter a custom tip amount of their choice.

  • 🏷️ Setup products
    PaymentKit seamlessly integrates with Rapyd's products/SKUs system, allowing you to setup as many products as you'd like. Speed up your checkout process by adding as many items as you need to the cart and collect the payment.

  • 🌍 Go global
    Leverage Rapyd's global payments network and accept 900+ payment types from over 100 countries. Let customers pay in their native currency, you get paid in yours.


Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to accept payments across all the different channels they sell products or provide services through. Current solutions are inflexible, expensive and have a steep learning curve.

PaymentKit aims to provide merchants with easy to use solutions to collect payments from anywhere, all in one platform, with no additional hardware or payment terminal needed.

Our beta is available for use today, all our features are fully functional and you can start accepting payments in seconds. The only requirement is a Rapyd account!

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How we built it

We relied on multiple platforms and technologies to make this happen:

  • Rapyd: Processes payments globally from your customers.
  • Hasura: Lets you view your transactions history in real time.
  • Knock: Delivers updates and notifications about your payments.
  • Magic: Powers our frictionless merchant signup/login experience.
  • Next.js: Provides us with a great DX and helps us ship features faster.
  • Vercel: Runs code and delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

Challenges we ran into

Localization is one of the most challenging processes in the software industry, and we had to make our monetary value input fields and the representation of amounts adapt based on the currency chosen by the merchant...

Thankfully, Rapyd had a currency data endpoint that we were able to pair with a React component to provide merchants with an intuitive payment collection experience, and make their customers journey more local.

Localization example

What's next for PaymentKit

Rapyd has a bunch of APIs that cover pretty much every aspect of running an eCommerce business. In fact, the products feature is powered by 2 Rapyd Collect APIs, and we would like to expand on that and take advantage of the rest of the APIs to offer more features like coupons, discounts and subscriptions...

Given that a majority of customers no longer regularly carry cash, we also want to empower retailers and offer more ways to collect card payments in-person. That includes common workflows like charging a contactless card using the device's NFC chip or scanning the card details with your camera. We'd also love to bring the latest innovations like Apple's Tap to Pay to Rapyd's merchants.

We are also exploring a volume based monetization model for PaymentKit, with our growth being closely tied to that of our merchants. Something that would support the development and allow us to become commercially viable. A subscription model is also being considered. (A free plan will always be available, pinky promise)

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