As India is transitioning to a cashless economy, a plethora of cashless payment options have come up. However, a problem which arises out of this is that the customers are not aware of what cashless payment methods are accepted by the different vendors. One can't go shop by shop to ask if they have any cashless payment method available for use. This is where Wally comes in. Wally helps you find and use your favorite payment options supported by the vendors in your locality to help you in times of need!

Go cashless, because you will always find a spot where you can use your cashless payment method.

Wally can be integrated to platforms like PhonePe and then users will be able to find nearby PhonePe spots to do their spending. Merchants will opt-in for PhonePe solutions to extend their visibility and to get a online exposure. The result would be a live open map of PhonePe enabled merchants which the users would use to locate those spots. This is beneficial for both the users and the merchants.

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