PayME is a web application that allows anyone to request money and get paid from anyone else over the internet through the MintChip platform. You can use it to pay someone in another location, just like an Interac eTransfer (Email Money Transfer). PayME is cost-effective for both parties using it for micropayments, as it does not take any fees. This is made possible by the lightweight platform it uses, which allows it to be run for as little as $25/year. PayME is also more secure than an Interac eTransfer, as it does not require you to login to your bank. The HTTP GET API-based transfer feature of PayME allows merchants to build automated services on top of the PayME platform, through the callback URL feature. By using a throwaway email address when requesting money, PayME transfers can also be made completely anonymous.

features include:

  • automated email notifications
  • instant payment download and link activation
  • qr code link to your request
  • api-based transfers
  • https uploads (coming soon)
  • unlimited free transfers

how it works:

  1. request money
  2. an email will be sent to person you requested money from
  3. they will be able to download a mintchip request
  4. they will then be able to pay
  5. an email will be sent to you with a link to download your payment
  6. an email receipt will be sent to both of you confirming the completion of the transaction


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