Paylog is an application for recording payments quickly and easily. Now you can keep track of even your smallest daily expenses as they happen!

Demo video is here:

● Simple interface You can insert amounts as soon as the app has started up.

  1. App startup
  2. Insert amount
  3. Select category That's all you need to do to add an entry. (Of course, you can leave memoes or change accounts as well)

●Flexible to customization You can feel free to select your own categories and accounts. You can choose the application-wide theme color. You can choose the keyboard layout.

●Export functions You can export records in your desired range. Exporting can be done via CSV file or via an Evernote's note. CSV files can be sent via e-mail or can be opened by other applications.

●History management and aggregate view The payment record can be viewed as a list. You can view a yearly/monthly aggregate for each account. It's also possible to display it as a circle graph or a line graph.

●Reminder notifications to help you to remember to make records In order to help you remember to make records, you can set a reminder so that every day at the time that you've chosen, a notification will pop up to encourage you to keep records.

●Other This app supports major currencies. (However, it does not support changing the exchange rate between currencies.) It supports TextExpander. It supports passcode. It supports URL scheme : jp.itok.Paylog://c=[category]&a=[account]

●Support E-Mail: Twitter: @PaylogApp

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