One of the hardest things in Open Source software is encouraging testing and documentation. This is a Github Action that will automatically run code coverage tests on your code and compare to previous runs.

Note: Slight late sorry! Github was down for past 2 hours!

What it does

When you open a pull request it looks at the persons bio on github and scans it for any PayIDs. It then creates a comment in the PR showing how much will be paid out to that person. The admin can amend or edit that comment and when the PR is closed the payment is automatically paid to that PayID via XRP / Xpring.

How I built it

Using Github Actions, the Xpring API. It is written in Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the Github Actions to do the right thing. Working out how to check out both the base and the reference branches of the PR in order to compare them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The way in which it comments back to the PR such that the repo owner can see what will be charged and then it re-reads that comment to make the payments. So the author can override what is there if necessary.

What I learned

I learned a lot more about Javascript and also Github actions and the various Github APIs and contexts. Also how to post comments back to Github and use them for round-trip info.

What's next for PayID XRP Github Action

  • More documentation.
  • Publish it in the Github Actions marketplace.
  • Add additional policies for paying out.

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