Whether you provide tutoring sessions or wish to monetize a conference call, PayID Video allows you to achieve it in a very simple way. Enter the PayID account to be credited, and choose your preferred currency. Any other participants that want to join the call need to confirm payment beforehand.


PayID Video is based on Briefing, an open-source tool with a privacy-centric design. Participants are directly connected through WebRTC sockets. The website that provides the web app and mediates the communication stores as few data as possible and does not know anything about the contents of established conversations. No accounts necessary.

PayID Video integrates PayID into this decentralized chat platform, which is a perfect fit. There is no need to create any account to start receiving payments, simply use your existing PayID address. PayID Video is also not responsible for processing any payment. However, payment processing will differ depending on the currency.

Limitations, next steps

At the moment, PayID Video only accepts XRP as a currency. It uses the power of the Xumm App to process payments. As more currencies are supported, new payment processors need to be included.

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