With the future of work going remote, and conversations happening in Slack more and more, sending payments should also be as easy as sending an email WITHOUT the context switching.

What it does

Paygo is a PayID network with a Slack app that lets users get PayID information or send money on the Xpring network without leaving Slack.

How I built it

Slack API obviously, with a Node/Mongo backend.

Challenges I ran into

Just a little bit of a learning curve with the idea of the PayID network and Xpring.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully sending XRP on the testnet in the Xpring network!

What I learned

PayID, Xpring

What's next for Paygo

Expansion to make the other buttons fully functional and ability to send all currencies as the SDKs expand. Also expand to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat.

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