Cash handling during events is a burden for consumers, merchants and venue owner Most existing solutions for cashless payments use specialized hardware – wearables, NFC scanners, Cards and readers

What it does

PayFest is a festival based "wallet-like" ecosystem, making the life of customers, merchants, and festival organizers easier.


  • Onboarding through integration with ticket issuer for KYC data

  • Wallet customer and wallet account are created for the duration of the event for visitors, staff and merchants

  • Top UP

  • Sale

  • P2P

How we build it

Using FFDC Retail Banking Solution for account and payment registration

What's next for PayFest

Gamification of payments

Merchant Promotions in real-time billed directly to Merchant wallet account

Geolocation features (find merchants, friends, and services)

Integration with event promoters and ticket brokers

Social media integrations

Cashless top-up in APP (card, bank account)

Merchant stock management and PoS integration

Event tailored experience through AI

Built With

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