Growing investments come from a knowledge of personal financial management. As high school and college part-time workers, students often do not know how to best manage money, and lack financial literacy when it comes to the different categories finances should be allocated.

What it does

Given the monthly income and expenses of an individual, PayDay curates a personalized recommendation of how and where money should be allocated: debt/bills, personal expenses, and emergency funds.

How I built it

Using React.js, our team was able to build the functionality for an application that gives a visual representation of a person's finances and recommends them alternate plans and financial success in comparison to the average person making around the same income.

Challenges I ran into

Because we were implementing multiple different libraries and Google Authentication, it was challenging to connect the different pages together to make a seamless app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team, we were able to successfully create the functionality behind the app, taking financial data from the user, and processing this through our algorithm, create a visual representation of different steps the user should take to improve financial success.

What's next for PayDay

Eventually, PayDay's algorithm should be more advanced and personalized to the user's expenses and income data, so that the best recommendation can be given in a more specialized area, as opposed to a more broad range of recommendations.

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