Given our long-standing background in logistics and fintech, Nexshore recognized that ONE Record did not have to be limited to a platform for just air cargo operations. One of the innovations we wanted to bring to the market was to unlock the initiative’s potential to support modern payment systems. The air cargo industry will benefit from working effectively within all processes, from quote-and-book and making payments, to track and trace, settling claims and duty payments to Customs.

What it does

The application showcased here will demonstrate the power of ONERecord integrated with payment systems for instant booking of cargo by querying the APIs provided by airlines (QR & AF/KL). After cargo is booked, users can track and trace shipments by tight integration to airline APIs providing shipment status updates. Once the shipment lifecycle completes, the application also allows submissions of claims to be settled by airlines. Claims that have been investigated and approved can be settled instantly through the integrated payment system. Further, the application demonstrates the security implemented in ONERecord which keeps all communications secure over the open Internet using mutual TLS handshake, JWT, and API Key authentication.

How we built it

We built it on top of OneRecord by Nexshore, a server built from scratch based on IATA specifications with Angular 8, Node.js as frontend, and .Net Core and Entity Core for backend APIs. We used APIs from QR, AF/KL, LH and PayCargo to develop the application.

HackathonBuild URL:

Freight Forwarder Account: Company Name: Worldwide Logistics User Name: Password: test@1234

Airline Account: Company Name: Delta Airlines User Name: Password: test@1234

Challenges we ran into

Reviewing and testing the airline APIs and determining how the data from the APIs can be put into native OneRecord data model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Extending the OneRecord data model and specifications to empower the broadest stakeholder pool in the digital air cargo community.

What we learned

Airlines have different types of APIs and return values which had to be modeled consistently in OneRecord. This highlights the potential of IATA OneRecord to streamline the data capture and communication using data-as-a-service model thereby exponentially increasing performance, efficiency, and reduce costs for the industry. The simplicity and ease of integration of the PayCargo ship, click & pay APIs into air cargo processes.

What's next for PayCargo Nexshore ONERecord Hackathon2020

This solution will be further developed and offered on a data-as-a-service model making it viable for organizations of all sizes to adopt IATA OneRecord seamlessly.

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