Getting started

DoTA 2 server-side client for ILP running on Heroku. This repository contains all the Heroku code. If you want to experiment with our code, you could just download the zip!


The following libraries need to be installed.

  • Node installed - v7+
  • NPM installed - v8.10.0+


  1. Download the zip from our GitHub and unzip the contents.
  2. Change your working directory to the new folder and run the following command to install all dependencies. npm install
  3. To create a new ripple test net account, check the instructions in plugins.js. Make sure to edit the account credentials!
  4. Finally, to try out the server, run index.js. node index.js
  5. You have a server running waiting for payments on the Interledger Protocol!!! Head over to pay2play-client to download the client code. Be sure to edit the account you will be paying in the PayWixAtSignUp.js file.
  6. Once you have both the repositories set up in your local machine, open two terminal windows and cd into the pay2play folder in one window and the pay2play-client folder in the other one.
  7. Start your server by running the command. node index.js
  8. In the other window, send some money to this account by running the client side code. node PayWixAtSignUp.js
  9. You just sent a payment through the Interledger Network!!

Known Bugs

An error might occur while running the PayWixAtSignUp script. 2. Making payment to test.crypto.xrp.r9k7quHo74erBuiz5bxg3p8YVv2LsBS46v no such schema </tag>.

Ensure that you ran the npm install --save jsonschema@1.2.2 command.


All files in this repo are under the MIT license. Feel free to reuse them in your projects!

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