My partner and I were off campus once campus evening. When we got off of Pacific Beach, I realized I needed to use the bathroom. The only bathroom close by was a paid and unsanitary one at Wendy's. My partner from India told me how public bathrooms in India are unusable and waste space, and create garbage. Our solution for this social crisis is to use existing infrastructure as bathrooms. We aim to implement our solution in the bay area/san diego/los angeles to validate our theory before moving on and coming up with paid and clean bathrooms in India. The idea is a platform for homeowners to rent out their bathrooms for one-time usage by anyone who is close by and requests to use the services. There is a flat fee rate (decided by the owners), which is paid beforehand through online Payment (Stripe API). We built our website on the Mapbox API to come up with a map, on which the bathrooms are located on. This is also our first hackathon, and first attempt at a web application.

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