We are avid supporters for cryptocurrencies, and to our dismay, we realized that cryptocurrency is still not widely supported due to a plethora of factors, such as volatility. Our solution simplifies merchant adoption and creates a frictionless checkout process for the user.

What it does

Our project is a chrome-based extension, powered by Javascript and a backend written for this purpose. The chrome extension allows users to buy anything on eBay or Amazon with their ETH and XRP. The users first select which payment options they want, then they just need need to scan a QR code from their mobile wallet to complete their transaction on popular e-commerce website such as eBay or Amazon. the cryptocurrency is immediately converted to USD via an exchange, and loaded onto a prepaid card that traditional eCommerce suite supports. The extension detects and autofills the generated payment details directly to the eCommerce site via client-side javascript. We also support Interledger, which allows the user to transfer Ripple directly to merchants if the merchant supports it.

How I built it

We used Interledger to allows users to pay with their XRP. We also used simpleswap API to swap between difference currency.

Challenges I ran into

The Interledger is quite difficult to implement the advice. We initially want to use ShapeShift API to get the exchange rate for currency trading, but we can't do it because we need to verify ourself to get access to their API key so we eventually used simpleswap API that allows us to swap the currency and buy new crypto from the swaps. Interledger's documentation was a bit difficult to grasp as it is a work-in-process by itself, and we ran into some issues implementing it. In addition, interledger only works on the Ripple testnet, while most exchanges work on the live network. However, we are able to work around this issue by temporarily support both.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are able to create a functional chrome extension that both successfully accept real cryptocurrency as well as implementing Interledger along with our software. We are able to pay in real money on Amazon and eBay!

What I learned

We learned to leverage the Interledger test net in facilitating the transaction between different cryptocurrencies or currencies.

What's next for

We are planning to utilize Interledger to its fullest capacity. One thing that we really want to implement in this Hackathon but never has a chance to do it, is to leverage Open Payment Protocol by Interledger in the checkout process when the users use our Chrome extension. We have explored this interesting solution and hopefully, we can implement this shortly.

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