BUY Now PAY Later pay LESS FEES ORP provides solution to customers who hesitate to perform online shopping since they don't want to deal with refunds. and also allow sellers to save the commission that is currently paid to the credit card company. This initiative is compliant with PSD2 regulation. (Payment Services Directive)

What it does

Order-Receive-Pay service is a joined venture between ORP and Banks. Bank will provide ORP as an offering to their merchant customers.

ORP allow online shoppers to pay only after they received the goods and when they are fully satisfied. In the order stage, amount will be immediately reserved from buyer bank account. When good is received, buyer will need to confirm or return the good Upon confirmation, the money will be debited and directly transferred to seller account Upon return, buyer will have 72 ours to return the good. when done reservation will be released. If not returned or if 72-hours passed, money will be debited and transferred to seller account.

How I built it

FusionFabric.Cloud (FFDC), API - block , unblock , transfer VUE, CSS, LESS, HTML, JAVASFRIPT, SPRING, AUTH

Challenges I ran into

Team faced a lot of challenges, since the technology that we've used was not familiar at all to the team. Team learned to use new technologies such as FFDC and GUI and VEU only during the short time of the Hackathon. Team work and corporation was impressive, team joined forces for the hackathon mission and work was divided by all team members. Mohammad worked on the back-end, Chen worked on the front-end, Shira worked on the GUI, Boaz worked on the video and Gila worked to identify the APIs, design and business/commercial aspects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Connecting to FFDC, send requests and get responses.

What I learned

Learned a lot. what is FFDC, how to use it, business beyond online shopping payments etc.

What's next for Pay us later

Beta version will only allow customer to shop when they have the fund. Next ORP version will suggest a short term loan to allow purchasing without available fund. In addition, we will make agreements with banks to suggest the ORP as payment method.

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