** retain ownership of the data and content to creators / users **

What it does

decentralized social network platform for digital designers and creatives, ( create community / join community Build your network . show your value . leverage your connections === discover opportunities &
receive community rewards *Send Tips to your favorite creators / receive donation *

How we built it

we  built  it  using subsocial for  blockchain side  and  nextJs  for  Ui/ front-end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1- the ability to publicize and monetize your content 2- login credentials are stored locally on your devices 3- Create Your Own Web 3 Profile (This is a single identity that can be used in any community built on top of Subsocial)
4 - Aggregate your digital activities - including Posts, POAPs, donation records etc - all in one place/ profile

5- Rich User interface and user experience

What we learned

how to build on subsocial using Subsocial SDK

What's next for Pax

the next is adding governance feature to spaces, create communities and bring creators to the decentralized world

Built With

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