Students often struggle with answering the question of what they want to do with their life. The question becomes even trickier when it comes to careers in technology because it isn't advertised as frequently and it's hard to know what skills you'll need for the job. Career quiz choices are always clearly tailored towards certain professions. For example, quizzes may ask whether or not you enjoy math or english more. It's hard to make such a drastic choice, especially when considering how it may affect your career. In addition, some quizzes may not even take all of your choices into consideration. You may say that you love math, but all of your responses combined led you to be a "history professor." With PAWsome Careers, we aimed to make every choice you choose reflect in your final job recommendations.

What Is PAWsome Careers?

PAWsome Careers is a web-based game that analyzes user responses. The user plays a cat knight whose role is to protect his village from a horrible dragon. Once the user successfully saves the town, the website with take all the data and attributes that the user displayed and create a graph of which careers are best suited for them. The data considers attributes such as leadership, patience, creativity, and flexibility. PAWsome Careers is a job recommendation site, but it is also an informational site, containing multiple careers in tech. It serves to bring awareness to jobs students may not have previously considered and encourage them to explore all possible futures in tech.

How We Built It

We used HTML/CSS for the front-end and JavaScript. The game was built using canvas and the results are displayed using D3. We used GIMP to create the graphics for the game. We used multiple databases

Challenges We Ran Into

We had trouble learning canvas and implementing it for the game we were trying to create. We also spent a significant amount of time brainstorming how we would be able to quantify each attribute and how to create a cohesive story while still analyzing the user. We also had a lot of trouble dealing with D3 and learning how to use certain features of it.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We're proud that we were able to create a product that works and successfully accomplishes the ideas that we set out to convey. We're proud that we were able to create such a website with varying degrees of experience in under 3 days.

What We Learned

We learned how to divide tasks between team members to try and divide and conquer. We learned more about Javascript, canvas, html, and game development.

What's Next For PAWsome Careers

We plan to improve the accuracy and legitimacy of our results. We hope to expand to other careers so that students who really don't know how to apply their skills anywhere learn what skills they do have and they just don't consider. We'd like to provide more accurate results for individuals. For example, when listing recommendations based on certain attributes, we can provide users with the skills that they may hope to improve on to be even better suited for that kind of career if they were interested.

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