We were inspired by this idea because we wanted to create an all in one app for dog owners. As of right now people are making instagram accounts for their dogs, showing a need for the users. There is one app that has attempted to start a platform but only has 100k downloads, showing there is a huge client base that hasn't been tapped into yet. As a dog owner people love to keep in touch with their dog's friends. Yes we said dog's friends. This allows owners to keep in touch with other owners that dog's are friends, shows all events that have been created by users and has a map section displaying anything and everything a dog owner will need. From a heat map showing the best dog walking routes & dog parks, to the closest veterinarian & dog friendly restaurants.

What it does

It creates not only a social environment for dog owners but also a fully informative platform for all dog needs. We also created a hardware that will be placed on dogs that will allow users to interact with other users. Once a user is near another user they will receive a notification of each other asking if they would like to be friends. If they both click yes then they will become friends on the platform and spark a conversation.

How I built it

We built it in an android mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

Biggest challenge we ran into was creating the hardware feature that will create notifications on an app. We also had to leverage data to create better experience for dog owners as the data wasn't exactly what we needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having everyone work as a team and take our idea to the next level.

What I learned

When you surround yourself with a team full of creative minds, positive energy & a clear vision, the potential is limitless.

What's next for Paws

If we were to find funding and interest from investor we would pursue this start-up in becoming the first social & informative platform for dog owners.

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