Difficulty in deciding between the cheapest gas and the gas available on the way to the destination in the city. Furthermore prices may change any day depends on the owner of the gas station

What it does

OCR for the drone to collect gas prices, parses the Regular price, Diesel price and then allows the user to decide between cheapest and the closest gas station

How We built it

An android app using Google-vision (google-cloud), Java and Kotlin

Challenges We ran into

Parsing the correct amount for regular and diesel respectively from the gas station

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We emulated a drone using our android phone and tested live without tapping a single button and give amazing results

What we learned

Google-vision, working with APIs, parsing text from images and more

What's next for Hermes

Testing with more samples to improve accuracy from 80% to 90%+

Built With

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