In this day and age where almost everybody has a smartphone many people join online groups to connect and meet new people. So many groups are started but as they grow it becomes harder for admins to keep everybody engaged. Lack of engagement is a symptom of a bigger problem- a lack of sense of community for members.

We asked ourselves does 'NPS Score' but for online communities exist? We couldn't find tech platforms where it's inbuilt so we set out to design a tool that can help gauge the sense of community in an online group and help the admin keep it alive.

What it does

Our tool requires admins to login with facebook and connect a group they'd like to manage. It then connects to a Messenger bot with several power features:

Calculate Activity Score Calculates group activity with data from Facebook Group Insights. Formula shown in Messenger webview

Measure Sense of Community _A NPS score style form of survey based on SOC(V) index Read more here _

HonestyBox Allows posting anonymously using webviews

Dashboard All the results & and data is presented here with simple dynamic graphs.

HonestyInbox All anonymous posts. Admin can share posts or delete those with personal identifiable info e.g. name, address, work place ...

How we built it

We mainly utilized Facebook products to build- A conversational landing page in React JS, for sign ups we integrated Login with Facebook and request permissions to manage users FB groups where he/she is an admin. We then follow up conversation on a Messenger Bot. The bot utilizes Messenger API, page messaging permissions & Webview extensions. Our backend infrastructure is built on the Python web framework, Django. We also used WhatsApp API feature (Click-To-Chat) to enable sharing on Whatsapp Groups. Our dashboard graphs are plotted with Bokeh visualization library.

Challenges we ran into

The app review process for group API permissions request took too long to be approved. It's still pending. We had to use workarounds to prototype the same functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build an NPS score like functionality to monitor engagement levels in groups, it doesn't exist in most online community platforms. And the best part is that it is backed by scientific research! Read more here

What we learned

If the tools that exist for offline communities can be harnessed for online communities then people can have a better sense of belonging and community.

What's next for Pawa

We will seek feedback and iterate to improve the tool. We will aggregate everything on an improved dashboard.

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