I wanted to go ahead and push the limits of spark AR and AR in general to see how i could work on a short experience that act as a transition from one reality to another. My main visual inspiration was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe German Pavilion, its one of those place that i visited in my life that feel so unique and beautiful and i wanted to recreate that sense of beauty.

What it does

You simply have to tap on screen to trigger the transformation of your space.

How I built it

It was built with Spark AR and Blender as my main tools, and Ableton Live for the music.

Challenges I ran into

The 4 mb limit for the filter was my main challenge, creating interesting shader to reveal the other world was also a challenge. These challenges ended up being what i have learn and what i am proud of. Mostly the shaders (dissolve and sphere mask) and particle system effects i was able to create (Flying Birds, Water fountains) in Spark AR.

What's next for Pavilion

I would like to be able to rework all transition and work on different environment. I think Spark AR is the first widely use AR product/tool and i want to create amazing experiences with it !

Built With

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