Getting yelled at by parents for not responding. Almost getting hit by a car.

What it does:

While you’re listening to music, Pause will pause your song when it hears your name called. Pause works with Spotify and Itunes.

How we built it:

We built Pause as a Mac OS X app using Objective C. We used a Cocoa speech recognition library (the same one used for dictation) to detect names. The app uses AppleScript to command Spotify and iTunes to pause.

Challenges we ran into:

The speech recognition engine produces false positives in noisy environments. This makes the app less practical for crowded areas like coffee shops. It performs better in homes and businesses.

What we learned and accomplished:

Yuan created a sleek website to serve the app file, Andrew got the speech recognizer working, Matthew built the interface using Storyboards, and Max learned Swift while experimenting with different recognition engines.

What’s next for Pause:

The app currently supports Mac OS X. We would also like to support the iOS. We would also like to improve recognition accuracy.

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