Ask any 1A ECE student what their religion is, and they'll tell you that their religion is complete and utter devotion to our Lord and Saviour Paul A. S. Ward.

Oftentimes after his lectures are over and we're sitting at home aimlessly browsing YouTube videos (as we are hopeless lost in this complex world without his guidance), we miss everything about him. His mere presence, his wonderful british accent, and most importantly, his signature phrase.

"mmmmmmmk..." - Paul Ward, 2017.

We've realized that Paul Ward himself isn't a mere professor at this point. He is an emotion, a spirit, a vibrance, that transcends above his physical form. We've taken it upon ourselves to seek to encapsulate this idea, to provide a way for all in the universe to be truly able to understand.

Understand what, you may ask, in which case you do not.

For the purpose of Paul Ward's teachings is not to understand something, but to simply understand...


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