Hi!! We are really happy that you read our pitch! We are PATRONUS – a team of med-tech engineers from KIT who are fighting against dementia. Let me ask you: What if a close family member of yours gets forgetful and ultimately develops dementia? You are not alone – worldwide nearly 10 million people are diagnosed with dementia every year. Recent studies showed that there is no pill for fixing it all. However to not face this disease without a fight, we at PATRONUS use the latest scientific findings to treat dementia. Our focus is the so-called risk factor treatment. For this purpose, our digital platform offers help for physicians and their patients but also for caregivers and insurances. This helps to monitor and target the risk factors; ambulatory and systematically. We, PATRONUS, equip patients with mobile sensor technologies from Garmin to provide a holistic treatment approach though behavioral training. We motivate patients to not only go on walks, but also to engage in fresh activities through gamification; e.g. a scoring system for exploring new places. At the same time stress is reduced through mindful breathing and living. Why? Staying focused and active helps to stimulate neurogenesis, and thus creates a natural resilience to dementia. In the future we want to leverage the collected data in the form of digital twins. Like this, we train a powerful supporting AI-system, adding "precision" to our holistic treatment. The team of PATRONUS is heavily engaged with the topic of digital dementia treatment research at KIT and is working towards a potential start-up founding in early to mid-2022. We would love to further develop the app we prototyped here at HackZurich and evaluate it with stakeholders from clinical, patient and insurance-perspective. Ultimately, we want to achieve MDR (medical device regulatory) conformity and offer the system to fight dementia; digitally. We want to enable every person to make optimal use of their mental capacity throughout life.

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