Dog has been a great companion of humans for many years. There are so many stories of dogs saving humans' lives. I came across the news about Patron, the Ukrainian dog that saves lives by sniffing out explosives in Ukraine. I would like to draw a picture of Patron as a gift to him and his courage.

What it does

Art about Patron, Ukrainian dog that sniffs and find explosives to save lives.

How we built it

Draw and mint in

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges of drawing Patron and depicting his heroic act well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to draw a picture of Patron and mint the art

What we learned

We learnt to mint art on It is a really easy and streamlining process.

What's next for Patron - Ukrainian Hero

We would like to draw more picture of Patron in different heroic actions and mint them on

Minted Art

The art was minted for 7 days and then the auction time ended at the time the judging period started but you can still see screenshots of when the art was minted and video. The art is in my collection on

Link to the art on Account


Built With

  • drawing-tool
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