Our project was designed to hopefully help combat the current rise of acts of violence and aggression on campus.

What it does

It records audio and then transcribes it into text (AWS Transcribe). Then, it sends the transcription through AWS Comprehend. If the text is found to be negative, an email and text alert will be sent out.

How I built it

We built it using AWS and Lambda functions (Javascript) to carry the majority of our backend . While also using Angular for the interface.

Challenges I ran into

Creation of the in-browser recorder that instantly uploads directly to our S3 bucket in AWS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to create the in-browser recorder, and successfully email and text based on negative text.

What I learned

We all knew nothing about AWS coming here and with the help of mentors (especially Brock Tubre), we were able to get our program up and functioning. So overall, our knowledge of AWS and cloud computing was greatly increased.

What's next for Patrol Protection Connection

Future plans for this project include: creation of our own audio detection machine learning system ( so that we can accurately identify screaming and gunshots), we would also like to directly connect the audio recording to cameras (also giving us the option to take images of potential crime scenes)

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