Inspiration - Having everything we need in one place - The Patriot Caboodle

What it does - The Application at time of launch will have 6 main functionalities:

                         Events - Current and upcoming events
                         Parking - Enables students/faculty approaching a desired building to view all available parking 
                                         spots at a single glance. If a spot is vacant, an individual has the ability to book the 
                                         spot for the duration of their stay. Once leaving, all they have to do is mark the spot 
                                         vacant thus letting another user know that a spot is available.    
                          News - Provides up-to-date news stories, headlines and announcements
                          Comments - Any complaint or comment an individual would like to make while on campus. An 
                                               option to take a photo is included. In case of immediate action, a high priority 
                                               message can be sent to campus police which would result in immediate response  
                          Map - A campus map provided for reference purposes to help students navigate through the 
                          Contact - Details phone numbers for all departments

How we built it - At a high level, the application is hosted on an apache web-server which is connected to a Mysql database. The database is utilized for storing and retrieving values. The front end of the website was built primarily using HTML and CSS. API's are incorporated into the website to stream data obtained from other sources such as facebook and the website.

Challenges we ran into - Analyzing the current situation and determining how to implement the functionality within the given time frame. Several challenges entailed having to put ourselves in the shoes of individuals ranging from students and faculty to find a common medium to use as the basis of the application. The main challenge faced was how to intuitively design an application which can be employed as early as today.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - The application can be employed into use as soon as today as the functionalities provided within the application require no cost to implement. We are proud to accomplish a solution, when employed with an effective marketing strategy and utilized can solve every day problems and be at the hands of each and every individual on campus

What we learned - The scope of work can be as big as we want it to be or as small as we desire it to be. However by utilizing technology and grouping things together we can effectively keep everything in one place - the Patriots Caboodle.

What's next for Patriots Dashboard - An effective marketing strategy is required to be employed in order to reach out to all students across campus. Once all students and faculty are in

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