With the recent controversies surrounding censorship as well as unfair payments on the Patreon platform, we decided to use Aion's decentralized network to create a fairer subscription system. Inspired by the ERC-1337 subscriptions standard, we used timestamps to coordinate pre-signing transactions. In this way, we simplified the existing, cumbersome process of coordinating pre-planned future payments.

What it does

Content creators can open subscription contracts to allow their followers to support them for additional benefits. By using a platform like Aion, we can promote anti-censorship and ensure that the platform operates in a decentralized anti-authoritarian method.

How we built it

We've got an AVM contract, being powered in the front with a Vue front-end and Express server. To keep our dependencies low, and stay in the mindset of decentralization, we do not use a database. In the future, we're interested in potentially expanding this further with one-time nonce signing, so that users can manage their profiles directly from their public + private-key pair.

Challenges we ran into

The AVM and its integration with AIWA are still very new, which meant that there was not a lot of online help or documentation we could look towards to help debug our project. Furthermore, the AVM-testnet stopped working for all of the second night, which meant we were unable to deploy new contracts to test. Thus, we were out in the blind.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Honestly, the fact that it works is an accomplishment in itself, that we're very proud of. In an attempt to align with the requirements, and our personal beliefs, we wanted to keep the platform to be as simple as possible for the average user to join, while still maintaining the security and robustness of the Aion platform.

Using AIWA and the Aion network was a real hassle, especially due to the fact that the software is at a very much of a beta stage, and because none of us are experienced with Java.

Thanks to the Aion team for the great bounty! Looking forward to seeing great things being built on the AVM.

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