Children died from abuse because doctors discharged them without realizing their injuries originated from child abuse. We want to help doctors better manage their patients by giving them the most updated information about their patients so the same tragedies never occur again.

Our App

Patracker is a patient safety application for doctors to monitor patients who are admitted to the Emergency Room and are considered high risk patients.

Patrackr will monitor ER admissions for adults that are on risk registers with mental health, alcohol, drug addiction and domestic violence issues. These monitors will also alert when Children are admitted that may be victims of abuse or domestic violence.

If a flagged patient does get admitted, a notification will be sent to the the doctors or social workers app. They can then visit the patient or send a message with a clinical note to the ER dashboard. This information can help ensure that the proper care and support can be provided and minimise or prevent harmful or fatal actions from occurring.

Doctors can setup a notification for their own patient with a memo, or create a rule or criteria to target a specific demographic. Now when a patient on their list turns up, they will be notified.

Next Step

We (Tim and Quang) will be presenting to hospitals in the UK (NHS hospitals) and the US to get this app adopted.

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