Whenever we need to get bloodwork done, we visit pathology. After providing a blood sample, we receive our results in a few hours or even days. Reports are now sent digitally, making it simple for patients to access them on their mobile devices. In India, 80% of local laboratories still rely on the conventional method of providing hard copies of the reports. Large pathology conglomerates like SRL and Dr. Lal Pathlabs currently solely offer digital services. Due to the high cost of development and maintenance, local laboratories are still having difficulty offering this digital service.

What it does

With the use of merely the patient's name and mobile number, we developed "PATLABS," a free and open-source web platform that would allow local laboratories to upload the reports. The patient may access the website, check in with their cellphone number, read all of their results in one location, and download them as needed. Benefits from using PATLABS: 1. Free to Access, allowing any local pathologist to use it. 2. Patient and laboratory interfaces are user-friendly. 3. Easy to maintain due to minimal components. 4. Reduces travel time required to gather reports, hence saving time and energy

How we built it

We built the Frontend using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. The Backend is powered by Django, Twilio API, and Firebase.

What's next for PATLABS

When applied on a small scale, the PATLABS concept as it is now presented is helpful. We suggest the following changes be made:

  1. Storing the reports in a file-based system and the remaining data in a SQL database. 2. Introducing a mobile application to provide patients additional comfort and accessibility. 3. Using the Google Maps API to implement a feature that displays partner laboratories' closest locations. 4. Making extensive use of Job Queues to manage several concurrent requests.
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