Home Depot's core values, mainly Excellent Customer Service.

What it does

Connects the client with a Home Depot design specialist to create a space virtually to optimize both the time resources for Home Depot and the client. It also allows the client to have clearer visualization of the space in order to get a higher satisfaction knowing they've made the correct choice.

How we built it

Using the Unity environment, AR Foundation, ARKit, and XCode together to develop the environment and functionality for the app between two devices.

Challenges we ran into

Getting phones, iOS devices that could support ARKit. Developing multi-peer connectivity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with XCode, and getting multi-peer connectivity working.

What we learned

How to use Unity as well as using it along with other development tools to create multi-user AR experience.

What's next for

Ability to send all material and products into an organized list so the customer can check out easily.

Built With

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