The problem

Patients are often ill-prepared for the emotional and physical stresses of surgery. Hospitals lose $3B a year on surgical cancellations and $41B a year on readmissions, many of which could be prevented

Our Solution

Patien+ Plus provides a healthcare partner to support the human experience through the entire surgical process

How we built it

We created an interactive mockup using Sketch. Wanted to have on a web and mobile experience to fulfill that we would use Ionic and Usergrid as our backend which ships with authentication, messaging, etc to reduce development time. To address the concerns of moving data to our application we figured we could integrated using the Redox API to get EHR of patients.

Challenges we ran into

We ultimately did not have time to develop all this due to lack of time and developers, so we decided to focus on a strong business model and mockup.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started with a very high level idea of providing an "Uber for community health workers." We translated that high-level idea into a specific problem, namely patient stress and unpreparedness related to major operations. We were able to translate that idea into detailed mockups with very specific use-cases.

What we learned

At first, it felt like we were spending way too much time on defining the problem. It didn't feel as if we were making concrete progress. However, once we were able to identify the pain point, it made it much easier to execute. This was a big lesson!

What's next for PatientPlusPlus

We had a great time working with each other as a team! We're eager to carry on with this concept!

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