Electronic Medical Records are not integrated seamlessly across providers and lifestyle data is not a component of care plan creation. Providers find difficulty creating care plans for patients due to obstacles to interoperability of patient data, and therefore, lack of healthcare personalization. Patientory Inc. is a population health data management and analytics company. Patientory empowers patients to manage their healthcare data and provides enterprises with holistic data points to make more comprehensive care plans. Through its two decentralized applications -Neith an enterprise software tool, and the Patientory mobile app- Patientory Inc. delivers actionable insights into healthcare data to improve population health outcomes. This is achieved by integrating a blockchain enabled platform to gather siloed healthcare data for analytics reporting to reduce the overall cost of care through early intervention. Specifically, Neith is an on-chain population health management dashboard – currently integrated with Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Allscripts – regulates and safeguards patient data, ensures secure on-demand PHI access for Providers at the point of care, facilitates care coordination across the enterprise by prioritizing interventions, and plugs clinical staff into extremely sophisticated decision-support networks that utilize AI logic and peer-to-peer engagement. Fully HIPAA-compliant, it generates actionable insights in the form of discrete care plans, which combine information on economic and social determinants of health data for patient groups, risk stratifications for disease classes, and individual health data to outline early interventional steps, proactive care management, and individualized recommendations. Ultimately, it maximizes data quality, provides deeper analysis, and enhances patient engagement to improve longitudinal care and reduce costs with all relevant stakeholders. Clients can see a near 85% reduction in hospital readmissions and penalties associated with chronic condition management, translating to not just healthier patients, but better financial performance. The platform is constantly learning, improving, and adjusting to create a more perfect connection between patient record management, care delivery, and population analysis that’s based on the Provider’s unique environment, patient mix, and quality standards.While many solutions provide predictive analytic modeling, there’s sometimes a disconnect between that and the creation of patient care plans; solutions will put data at the fingertips of care teams, but the onus is on them to synthesize it in a meaningful way. While Provider discretion is still a critical factor in Patientory’s model, it streamlines the process by making care plan recommendations based on the performance of whole populations. The Patientory Consumer App is a patient-facing mobile app provides easy on-demand access to medical information, interactive goal setting around determined care plans, educational materials catered to the patient’s unique condition, initiative tracking, and the ability to seamlessly send records directly to the provider’s EHR. It even supports payment either through their PTOY cryptocurrency or more traditional methods. It fundamentally makes on-demand health management more accessible, digestible, and consumer-friendly for patients, encouraging more frequent engagement with their care plans and providers. Likewise, it provides Providers with a new engagement tool for reaching out to their at-risk patients to gather more community data and individual PHI. The app integrates seamlessly with existing mobile health apps, wearables, and at-home medical devices, which both helps patients monitor and manage their own health activity and gives Providers a consolidated means of longitudinal data collection. This could prove a crucial functionality in the coming days when COVID vaccines are finalized and Providers need to identify and prioritize which patients are at the greatest risk and should receive treatment first.

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