Inspiration: Wanted to create a tool that helped to solve a real problem. Intrigued by the capabilities of SurveyMonkeyAPI.

What it does: Helps physicians gather more data on their patients, helps patients improve emotional self awareness and involvement in their health care, both combine to help physicians provide better quality care to patients.

How we built it: Used Python, NodeJS, AWS (DynamoDB), SurveyMonkeyAPI. Used API calls from a Python backend to distribute and collect responses from a survey. Stored the information in AWS, accessible via an HTML frontend. Used Webhooks to create callbacks for specific events, connecting front end to back end.

Challenges we ran into: Connecting front-end to back-end was a challenge. Had to learn how to use Webhooks to generate callbacks. Found a way to configure webhook using localhost through the use of ultrahook. Working on very little sleep.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Learning how to use the APIs quickly, being able to integrate them with our application. Coming together as a team and producing a finished product in ~36 hours.

What we learned: The capabilities of the SurveyMonkeyAPI, how to use Webhooks to generate callbacks.

What's next for PatientMonitoringService: Potentially make use of the Automatic Insights feature in SurveyMonkeyAPI which uses machine learning tools like sentiment analysis. Adding more capabilities to the application such as collecting information on prescription adherence. Connect with mental health professionals who can provide guidance as to the most effective ways to use a tool like Health Connects.

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