What inspired us to make this application is from one of our team members' experience of trying to retrieve updates of their loved ones in the hospital. Due to COVID-19, visitors are not allowed in the hospital, so the team member could not see their parents in the hospital; the team member had to use phone calls instead to receive updates. What the team member experienced is that sometimes the nurse was busy giving updates or the phone line wasn't working well. To solve this problem, PatientGram was born.

What it does

PatientGram is a web application where contacts of patients can receive updates digitally from medical providers and where physicians can send updates to authorized contacts in a hassle-free manner.

How We built it

PatientGram is powered by React and Google Firestore.

Challenges We ran into

In the process of developing a solution, we were concerned about patient privacy. We were able to overcame this by developing a system to ensure patient privacy and security. Patient contact's have to login using a secure Patient ID and OTP verified code. Phone numbers must match the ones stored on the hospital phone records.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Despite being in different timezones and skillsets, we managed to create a useful and practical platform that is working and scalable for the good of families, who are experiencing the hardship of loved ones receiving inpatient hospital care during a pandemic and beyond. We also had to learn how to use Firebase with no prior knowledge.

What We learned

We learned about NoSQL and Google Firestore.

What's next for PatientGram

The platform can be integrated with Epic and Cerner as a SMART App in FHIR in the near future, to ensure that the patient update process is streamlined and secure.

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