I wanted to solve the problem of handing off patients. So I created an app that lets the care team enter notes associated with a patient, with a read receipt for each one.

What it does

It lets the care team easily access patient notes for handover. They can also see all their unread notes, and who has read and not read each note.

How I built it

Using Xcode and SQL with PHP on the backend.

Challenges I ran into

Creating the backend to sync data between different users meant thinking about all the data that needed to be stored in the database, for future use as well. Then creating a format for QR codes so that you can not only login, but can also access patient information

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

High security. So no passwords are stored or sent across the network. Instead we use and store a hash of the login data, and only transfer that. It means there is no way for someone to find out the password.

I also created the data to be extended easily, so there is not only hospital ids, but ward ids and round ids. So it is easy to add new rounds, new wards, and even new hospitals.

The server side code is quite small, and easy to setup, so it can be run on internal systems for hospitals that want maximum security.

What I learned

I learned how hard it is to keep everything in sync, the issues of dealing with QR codes and the correct way to store data, as well as dealing with updating notes in the app from the server and from the user, and dealing with that in a good way.

What's next for Patient Watch

Including other data for patients, such as drug data. I did include drug data at the beginning, but dropped it to focus on getting patients notes mature. But in the backend and frontend, you can associate drugs with a patient, and this information will be synced.

I also wanted to create a version for on wards, so that you can see instantly using a tablet attached to the wall which patient has notes outstanding.

There is also room for an Android/online app so it runs on all devices. As well as adding more management functions to the website.

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