It can be difficult to easily track visitation rights for patients by hospital staff, and we wanted to streamline the check-in process.

What it does

At its core, our website is meant to help simplify the process of allowing visitors to check in with reception and make it easier to verify if someone is approved by the patient. Our initial imagining involved using phone apps to generate QR codes that can be scanned to verify that a visitor is on an approved list for a given patient.

How we built it

While we felt the phone app idea was an integral part of the idea's viability, we felt we would make more significant progress in the short time we had if we focused on a website facing service. We chose to build a website with a responsive design for both mobile and desktop screens. We used Bootstrap to speed up the UI design process, along with mySQL for a user database. Languages used include HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

Challenges we ran into

So many. We started with the idea of creating an Android App, but we felt the learning curve would be too steep to get far enough to be worthwhile. Then we tried to use Velo by Wix, but it proved to be too much to learn and we were getting stuck with that, so we switched to a somewhat simpler website technology stack, which was still new to us but felt more manageable.

Large challenges included figuring out what to use for generating the bulk of our UI, which ended with us using Bootstrap. From there, our largest challenge after designing the required web pages was learning how to connect with and interact with the Database server. Having little to no PHP experience made it difficult to progress when we started getting stuck.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team had very minimal experience with Javascript and PHP, so we approached this project prioritizing learning new things. We managed to put together a decent looking site, and we did eventually manage to create user profile entries on the database using PHP, as well as simulate a simplified login process for those users.

What we learned

We learned how to build and customize simple UI elements via bootstrap, as well as how to setup a simple database, push and pull data for that database, as well as how to use github for version control, as that was also new for some of us.

What's next for VisLister

To look beautiful for the rest of the world to look at. Ideally, this idea would do best with phone apps for iOS and Android, combined with a website for those at a desktop. Such integration would likely be necessary for live use, as the use of QR codes for quick check-in were one of the main draws towards the idea.

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