Hi, I am Monica Piergiovanni, founder and CEO of mEryLo', an innovative startup that uses blood cells as patient-specific drug delivery systems. We are currently working on rare diseases in hemato-oncology, but we would like to investigate if our technology can be used also in the treatment of COVID19. Our platform is a medical device working at the patient bedside, providing an innovative therapy in pathologies with unmet clinical needs. One of the main advantages is to maintain the drug available to the body for a long period of time (up to 2-3 weeks), obtaining a sustained release. We have a prototype which is now undergoing extensive laboratory validation. I am a bioengineer expert in microfluidics and lab on a chip technologies, with experience in technology transfer and business creation. I am looking for experts in molecular biology, in silico modelling, drug development, preclinical testing and fund raising to continue developing our project and do our best to research an efficient treatment against COVID19!!

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