Nurses may not have the time to respond to calls when family members or other concerned individuals want updates on the condition of a patient in a hospital.

What it does

Our program compiles the information of patients into a database that can be accessed via a website. Family members of patients can then access that information with a Patient ID and Password.

How we built it

We used MATLAB to convert a text file to a structure, which was used to analyze, sort, and output desired values from fields. We then converted the structure data into a JSON format, which was inputted into Google's Firebase database. This structure allowed us to use javascript throughout our code to not only create a working login form, but also a way to gather and display relevant information from a single unique UserID. Finally, the encompassing CSS utilized was to provide the most desirable user experience that allowed the user to not only navigate the site easily but also enjoy the experience.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have much HTML knowledge coming in to this hackathon, and we had to ask mentors about syntactical issues more frequently than we would like to admit (only to find that sometimes, we just can't spell).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

IT WORKS! We came together as a team to form a system of databases and code that could actually be implemented by hospitals.

What we learned

After spending time researching and coding our individual parts, we came together and realized we worked on the same things and coded for the same functionality. We discovered the importance of splitting the work up and talking through what we were going to individually implement to avoid overlap. This would also have helped when merging multiple files together toward the end.

What's next for Patient Portal

We hope that in the future, nurses will be able to add patients to the database and also update the information for existing patients. We want to provide standardized software that will help demystify HL7 formatted data and output a much more readable format. Additionally, we aim to add links to WebMD to explain the diagnosis of patients and what drugs they are being injected with.

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