Friend, who was a nurse, was frustrated with the formalities, and book keeping associated with patient care. As well as to get hands-on insight in radio-frequency technology, data processing, and user interaction with modern interfaces.

What it does

The project allows for patients and health care professionals a more streamlined system in delivering medication to the patient in order to expedite wait times in waiting rooms and or nursing homes.

How we built it

Using a Arduino, RFID-RC522 board scanner, Servos, Google Firebase, Android Studio, Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Pulling information from Firestore, writing user identification data onto the RFID card, integrating the right libraries of the Arduino, receiving data from the RFID card and pushing it onto an online source / sending commands from online to the Arduino.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Writing onto the RFID card, pulling information from thin air .

What we learned

Hint carbonated beverages should be opened like a bottle of champagne, methods of writing and implementing different libraries for Arduino.

What's next for Patient Nest

Implementing online database to store the information, implementing a method to communicate between the the database and the Arduino to perform physical actions.

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