Hello All! I work at Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil, state of Rio de Janeiro. We have developed a project for the public health area that aims to serve the poorest population. The project deals with the management of historical patient data. The idea is to develop a Data Lake (a repository of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data) that stores patient data. The advantage of Data Lake is that it is possible to associate with structured data (an existing database), unstructured data such as exam images, etc. In addition, it is possible to apply machine learning techniques to this data. It is a data integration environment without all the cost of multidimensional databases such as Data Warehouses and Data Marts. From that Data Lake, the plan is to develop a system that is able to manage / query the data. In short, an updated, reliable, secure and managed database with data and information by patients and their doctors. The use of Data Lake technology means that this project can be used anywhere in the world in the same way. Finally, we can use public health in disease control in a coordinated way worldwide and directly help those who need it most in times of pandemic, in addition to being able to project future disease outbreaks through artificial intelligence and mathematical projection models. We seek agreements with government universities interested in exchange. My linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jose-alexandro-acha-gomes-415b00198/ Best Regards Alexandro Acha

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