• Control of epidemics
  • Patient Control
  • Control of Vaccination Campaigns
  • Expert needs control by location
  • More reliable and secure data according to the new personal data protection law
  • More objective targeting of public health policy
  • Faster reaction to public health emergencies
  • Doctors with access to all health history and with more accurate patient information including emergency care
  • Patients with an updated and accessible health history when they need medical care
  • Public authorities using mathematical models to make projections with greater reliability
  • Patients using mathematical models to make projections and personalized predictions
  • Access to vulnerable population to technologies given only to people with private health insurance
  • Access to information of people using private health insurance by the government
  • People who have a private health plan and switch to the public health system without losing data
  • Data held by patients
  • Data released only for those patients who wish to access
  • Simplification of the database used today using data lake methodology

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