The project aims to achieve the main objective of integrating public health data through a Data Lake so that the government can make decisions based on accurate and reliable information. A management system for this Data Lake will be developed that will allow the use of e-Health in a safe and reliable way, taking patients the best specialists available. Through this Data Lake, it will be possible to create disease prediction models using Artificial Intelligence techniques and the use of mathematical and statistical models allowing the government to be able to make more reliable and secure decisions even in an emergency, such as outbreaks and epidemics. Other points to be achieved include minimizing waiting times and maximizing the quality of patient care, providing tools for safe and reliable storage of patient data throughout their lives, minimizing losses from procedures performed by patients, and complying with the new legislation to protect personal data. Doctors will be able to issue prognoses and diagnoses based on secure information, always be in contact with their patient, obtain updated data from their patient in case of emergency for their decision making, and therefore, the doctor's work will be more efficient and quality. The project aims to meet the demand for better quality information from governments for decision-making in relation to public health policies. The data available today is not up to date and reliable. In addition, they are in national databases. The availability of data that is structured based on government actions in the area of public health may represent a more interesting alternative for both the clinical team and managers.

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