It began with three biochemistry students who decided to explore the wonders of a hackathon. They were wonderfully optimistic in the beginning but eventually spiraled into depression, bringing a computer science major along with them. The project was created as we agreed with the vision: the ability to interact with patients out of the clinic/hospital setting, and provide real time updates to their condition. This greater benefits both the doctor and patient side, resulting in more data for the doctor to provide more tailored treatment options while patients are more are provided with more information regarding their live condition.

What It Does

It diagnoses if a patient has obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, or infection based on data provided regarding the patient.

Our Approach

We created our masterpiece using API calls and Java.

Our (Long and Difficult) Challenges

We had difficulty setting up the API calls. It was also difficult figuring out how to viably process the large amount of data.

What We Learned

We learned the basics of using an API as well as the symptoms of the various diseases we diagnosed.

What's Next?

Our project could incorporate machine learning or a decision tree for future diagnoses. We could also include and create a mobile based UI, allowing for a greater ease of access to the information provided.

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