We discovered Pathways when we decided to take a stroll through Hanover. As a result we ended up getting lost and needed to figure out a way to get back to Dartmouth. Thats when a great idea hit us.

Pathways is not just a GPS tracker its also a powerful tool to gather data around your area and allow other users to see the popularity of an specific area on the map. lt can be used to retrace your steps if you ever get lost or need to find a certain location again if you forget. Pathways must be installed on your iOS or Android device before use, as well as having it on your Pebble smartwatch. For instance if you started walking towards your local Starbucks from the Thayer building and stopped by a couple of places for a while, the places you stop at and how long you stay there will increase the popularity of the spot for a certain period of time. That way when you leave other users can view the map and see where the hotspots are.

Challenges I ran into were the geolocation API it was very incompatible with most browsers and also there were many different implementations that we could use and getting the data that we needed. F*ck Javascript. How its hard to get real data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: although we were delayed due to significant problems in the beginning we hauled through the night.

What I learned not to use Oculus Rift.

What's next for Pathways is lots of debugging and native implementations with android and iOS. To have a more reliable system.

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