We are broke college kids! Finance is so important, especially since university is often the first huge financial obstacle many people face. It's important to be educated and prepared before diving in.

What it does

Our project targets high school students looking to pursue higher education as well as students looking into university but are maybe unsure of what their best path might be. College and university are huge financial responsibilities, so having a resource that can help you plan and prepare your most financially viable path is incredibly helpful. Our project computes the most financially friendly path based on prospective majors, allowing users to quickly compare outcomes for different programs.

How we built it

Using Figma, Java, and Python. It was a challenge, but we expanded our skills and picked up new ones!

Challenges we ran into

As beginners in programming and app development, we needed mentor help and lots of Googling. But we overcame and conquered!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing a project and learning how to use Figma, as well as adding to our programming toolboxes. We think our project is very unique and highly useful for the targeted audience.

What we learned

It's difficult to make a huge project we imagined up in just one weekend!

What's next for Pathway Calculator

Future works! Expand universities, update the algorithm to be more complete, and take in larger data sets. Also, factor in scholarships and grants.

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