How can virtual classes be more interactive and how to re-establish the lost human connection for online learning systems? Our targeted theme is Education wherein through the use of technology we are making an effort to improve the educational environment.

What it does

• Pathshala is a collaborative virtual learning platform that aims to overcome problems such as finding like-minded peers/groups based on specific interests, the lost human connection in online systems, and filtering through the available plethora of online resources.

• To make the online group search hassle-free we have implemented an AI-based recommendation system wherein the user would be recommended a set of groups based on the user's interests.

• Every group has a real-time chat and video streaming feature to promote collaborative learning.

• To re-establish the lost human connection, we have come up with VR-based immersive classrooms to bridge the gap and enhance the interactivity of online classes.

• The VR Classrooms have a real-time whiteboard and a code editor embedded to promote practical learning.

• To support online educators and content creators the platform helps them monetize their structured study materials as the existing services such as Patreon include hidden charges for the same.

• The next major thing is how does one stay motivated enough to achieve the goals? And that is where our Streaks feature comes into play. We have introduced rewards on every 24-hour login of each user wherein the points scored can be redeemed to unlock the paid resources.

• We have a generalized student forum open to all users to share reviews, exchange ideas

How we built it

Client: React, React VR

Server: Node , Express , , WebRTC

DataBase: MongoDB

Other Dependies:

"@dhaiwat10/react-link-preview" , "bycrypt.js" , "connect-multiparty" , "content-base-recommender" , "uuid" , "webpush" , "@emotion/styled" , "disqus-react", "react-vr" "mapbox-gl" ,

Challenges we ran into

Implementing tf-idf technique of content recommendation was a bit tirdy task, we found the logic but implementation was tough , a npm package helped us. Also it was first time working with react-vr which actually was buggy but we are proud we solved those errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We created a cool MVP in 48 hrs
  2. Worked on UI/UX
  3. Implemented cool features like AI recommender and VR classroom

What we learned

  1. Worked as a team
  2. First time used react-vr

What's next for Pathshala

  1. Improving the AI recommender
  2. Implementing Educator side platfom

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