As a growing teenage boy, I love to go outside in the fresh air and go for a jog or bike ride! However, I find that this current pandemic really restricts not only my activity but the activity of many across the world. We misinterpret the definition of quarantine, believing that we must stay home 24/7. But the truth is, we have it all wrong. Studies worldwide as well as several reputable businesses, such as the New York Times, agree that creating a habit of going outside is the right thing to do. However, they agree on one more thing. The safety issue. My inspiration for Pathfindr is exactly this. Similar to the Travelling Salesman Problem, there must be one way to get to our final destination in the most efficient route possible. However, in this scenario, it is important to avoid nature and other people in the area, while maintaining a social aspect.

What it does

Pathfindr is the optimal solution to get to your final destination in the most efficient way. When accessing the page, one must first log in, in which you are taken to the home page. Then, you have three options. To visit your profile, view the leaderboard of different users in the area, or find the optimal path for your route. To do so, you enter the park or path you are visiting, and the city you are located in. You then are directed to a page where the route becomes available. In the top left corner, your location is seen, and in the bottom right, your final destination. The legend defines where benches, nature and other people are located, and the quickest route to take in order to avoid contact of 6 feet at all times. Additionally, an approximation of the time it takes to travel to your location and back home is given.

By completing such an important task, this application is crucial for those who wish to stay healthy! Without it, one's risk with regards to their health and safety increases exponentially by the day.

How I built it

I built Pathfindr in VSCode with Javascript and Html/CSS. All my code is original, and is available to demo and try out in the GitHub link!

Challenges I ran into

The greatest challenge I ran in to was regarding the change in the project. In the middle of all my work, I decided to redesign how to structure my project and how the overall design would be portrayed. However, I am more than thankful for my final result!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am most proud of the javascript aspect. It was the most tedious of all, however, the visual appeal, as well as the logic behind the algorithm, is quite satisfying, in which I am very proud of my hard work.

What I learned

I was able to change the entire course of my project and create something that will benefit all human beings if applied! In order to improve the validity of my project, a lot of research was completed which made this one of my GREATEST learning experiences!!! Thanks again for this opportunity!

What's next for Pathfindr

This began as a project for a hackathon. But this will never end. I hope to improve my ability in web design and algorithms and create projects that will benefit those who need it most during this pandemic.


Pathfindr is a revolutionary way for us to stay healthy. We always have the excuse, "I never have the time". When will we ever have more! Live your life, be healthy, go outside and stay safe, with Pathfindr.


Once again, I thank you for this opportunity. This has been one of my greatest learning experiences and I hope to implement my understandings in my future of learning and endless possibilities.

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